Going to go fetch my new baby veiled

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At long last I managed to track down a breeder in South Africa. I'm on my way to go get my baby boy from him. I'm super excited, he is supplying me with everything, the enclosure, lights, décor inside the whole set up. Now I must just think of a nice name for him. Will post pics tonight to proudly show him off :D
That sounds awesome, congratulations! We'd love to see pics of the set-up and the new family member. :)
and here he is

He's home, enclosure set up. Ì still want to add a hbiscus plant and some vertical vines. That I will do over the weekend.
I also bought my daughter a baby bearded dragon and my son a kenyan sand boa. All still babies. Now I have a house full of baby reptiles to raise.
We have named the veiled Sky and he is too cute for words. The beardie is named Roger and the snake is named Toothless lol


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Elaine, just out of curiosity, who is the breeder that you bought your baby veiled from? Also congrats on getting the new little one.
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