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SO I still have yet to get my new friend. I am very torn between glass and screen. So I will describe life and then maybe your thoughts on it would help. I have 2, 5 year olds, a dog and a saltwater tank. The chameleon will be housed in the dining room no where near a vent. I like the idea of the screened tank because he gets more fresh air, I do worry about moisture since we have pretty dry heat I like the glass because I would hope some noise would stay out and I can lock it easy. and of course on cold canadian days it would keep in heat. I want to get a misting system ect basically I am gonna get everything he needs to thrive. I am thinking plants with mixed fake vines. I want to get his habitat established before i even look at buying one.


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My cages are semi-solid walled. Not glass, but pegboard (painted) on back and sides, with plexi glass fronts. You are right that solid enclosures, like glass or wood, are better for retaining humidity and heat, and protection from children/other pets. You do not have to worry about noise - chams don't hear much. You want to ensure there are air vents/holes somewhere near the lower end on at least one side. This allows air flow - as warm air rises with the heat lamps up the front, cooler fresh air is pulled in from the lower vents. Another option is screen that you cover with plastic on the back and two sides.
Just as Sandra said- you can have a combo of glass and screen, although it is not easy to find a very large one for under 100 ( Unless you are housing a small species like carpets you will not need a large enclosure)
A lot of people will buy a screen mesh enclosure and take a shower curtain and fasten it to the outside or inside to keep in humidity and heat. It's surely the less expensive route and you are guaranteed ventilation.

It's also easier to clean a set up like this because the bottom is still mesh with a removable PVC bottom. When you clean the set up you can remove the contents and give it a quick spray down. It also allows the water to drain unlike the glass terrariums- which if not properly monitored can easily breed bacteria


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In my short time with my Chams I have learned screen is the best way for me. For clean up, drainage, air circulation, light in construction and overall price (having three) this is the way to go. Selling all my glass cages locally.


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If you think there is a probability of moisture retaining issues, go with combination of glass and screen. I bought a screen cage because I also wanted more fresh air for my chameleon, and it turned out to be a pain to keep humidity up. Now I have three sides covered with plastic, but it's hard to clean and rearrange the vines. And it looks pretty ugly too. So if I was to start from scratch I would go for glass+mesh.


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i got a lucky reptile one 120 wide 60 depth
100 high and its for my veiled all glass except the topp thats screen
with pre holes in it for nozzles etc...
it was 280 euros
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