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I have heard not to use glass enclosures because the stagnant air can cause an RI but I have also heard that people use them with no issues. I have a mesh enclosure for an adult but I might be getting a 2 month old ambilobe panther chameleon and wanted to put it in a smaller enclosure until its bigger. I have an Exxo terra 24L x 18W x 18t and was thinking of using that but would it be wrong because its a glass tank?

Thanks for advice.
No you should be fine with that. It is the fish tanks that are really frownwed upon as they do not have the bottom ventilation like the terrariums.
Yep, exo-terras are fine. The front vent allows enough air flow. You can also open the doors for a few minutes (while making sure he doesn't escape) or while you take your chameleon out to air it out even more.
I have used Exo terras to raise all my baby panthers and veileds before their adult cage is ready. The only thing I do not like about them is the drainage issues with them they are easily over come with mesh cages.
I would assume because it would hold in moisture better then a mesh enclosure you wouldn't most as much. Would that be the case?
Most likely you wouldn't. Definitely keep a close eye on your humidity gauge, but is will have a relatively higher humidity
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