Gizmo Celebrates First Hatchday!

Okay this is 2 days late (hatch date is supposed to be September 6, 2012), but better late than never! And we all know what that means when it comes to me, massive photo shoot and upload!!! I took Naboo out for a couple of photos to help Gizmo get nice and fired up, because he literally never gets fired up for the camera.

Oh, and here is one of Naboo while Gizmo was getting all huffy-puffy at him. Calm as ever, doesn't give a care in the world.


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Happy belated Hatchday G!! Can't believe he's already a year old, seems like just yesterday he was teeny tiny with his teeny tiny veil! He's come such a long way, so proud of him :)

Carrie Anne

Happy belated hatch day:) Gizmo looks awesome!! Look at Naboo sitting there all handsome, a big thank you to him for firing up Gizmo for some nice photos.
Thank you to everyone for all of the congratulations and kind comments!
Gizmo is one lucky dude to have such awesome people compliment him :D
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