Gigantic Silk Worms


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I think my siks have outgrown my chams. Teh worms are about 3 inches long and the girth of a pencil. I am not sure if it is safe to feed these off or let them pupate. Maybe the motk will be easier to chocke down.

Any experience with this from other members?
It depends on who you are feeding them to. My 14 month old panther eats the full grown worms no problem, but I wouldn't give them to my Jackson.
I have a veiled that is about 8 months old and getting pretty big, and a panther that is 5 months old. I have been choosing the smaller silks up to know but the siks seem to be growing and eating exponentially!
You can withhold food from them for a day or so at a time to slow their growth. The veild might be able to eat big ones, they are pretty soft so they can eat bigger ones than you think.
Our Oustalets are in love with the large three inch size. I usually can't get them inside the enclosure fast enough. Most of the time they will eat them out of my finger tips as I try to put them on the sides of the enclosure. They have been a fun feeder for us!
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