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Well I've been away from chams for over a year or so now after having a string of bad luck. Some was my doing and some things were just unfortunate. But anyways I am back in the hobby a little bit more wiser. I've been preparing to jump back in for a while and after being patient I've finally gotten everything together. I went to an amazing local reptile store in my area and after a few visits I decided to purchase an adult male panther. He is a wild caught and the staff were not very sure what locale he was but at first glance I was pretty certain he was a Nosey Be and the exact thing I've been looking for. He seemed to be doing really well and the staff answered all the right questions so I took him home. I was surprised that he is very well mannered (except when the staff took him out of the cage at the shop) as he responded fairly well to being handled as I took him out of the bag to put him in his new home and when I have taken him out a couple of times to examine him. Even as I was adding new vines this morning, he didn't really care much and actually walked along the vine and up my arm as well as I was trying to tie the vine off.

My enclosure is 2x2x4 with a ficus. I have a Mist King set up and I customized a rain dome on top using a tupperwear bowl. I have two linear tube lights. One is a Reptisun 5.0 and the other is a 6500k plant light. I have a 60w (or 75w) light bulb for basking. The reptile store manufactures magnetic fixtures so I purchased a large rock looking ledge which doubles as a feeding cup. I have some magnetic vines as well as a couple of the twisty types which act as horizontal pathways. All can be seen in the pics I have attached.


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Welcome back to the insanity!!! lol He looks to be very healthy and you have a very nice set up for him.
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