geckos and chameleons cd atlas


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Hi. Well I have a geckos and chameleons cd atlas that I got a while back and it says its works for windows 95 and I have windows XP. Is there any way I can use this cd? When I put the cd in the cd nothing pops up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Craig.
Thanks Will, but I forgot to mention, I tried that earlier and I didn't see it in there. Seems strange.
Hey Will, I actually tried it again and it was there. but when I click on it a bunch of files come up. Its all messed up. oh well.
You might have to run in it in Win 95 compatibility mode. If you can browse the CD, look for the exe file that runs the setup (or something like that, I can’t be sure without seeing the CD first hand). Right click the file, choose properties, goto the compatibility tab and choose “run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose Windows 95.

This may be the problem.

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