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I’m curious how many of the chameleon keepers also have cresties. I’m researching set ups and it seems pretty simple. Do any of you keep them?


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I have a Female Leopard Gecko. Nothing special. Technically it's my stepsons but I do most of the heavy lifting.


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I'm investing In a leopard too, cresties are too flighty for me, but they sure are cute!
I am quite fond of some of the Gargoyle gecko morphs as well. Leopard Geckos are quite easy and low maintenance. She's super sweet too. I keep her and him (Camo) on the same dusting regiment as well.


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Leopard geckos are the easiest reptiles to care for along with snakes. I have a male named Smaug.


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I have had gargoyle geckos, and a leopard gecko, but I sold them a few years ago. The leopard gecko was my from friend who didn't want her anymore (the gecko was like 13 years old). I personally don't really like crested geckos. Their eyes just look into your soul, and it creeps me out.


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My son has a Leopard Gecko that he adopted from my brother 16 yrs. ago. Prior to that the gecko was loose in my brothers house for approximately 6 months without no known food or water. She is over 20 yrs. old! and still alive and well!
That is crazy! 20yrs. I hope my stepson realizes he's taking his Leopard Gecko to college lol. This is our first Gargoyle Gecko and I've wanted one for awhile but they're so hard to find! Wife is super excited!
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