Gecko food for gutload


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I have some gecko food that I’m not using anymore (zoo med crested diet tropical) and wondering if it would be a good source of gutload for my feeders.


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I can't find the ingredients on it? Can you take a pic or list them? Some issues could be content of vitamins and ingredients. Usually higher end crested gecko foods aren't acceptable because of proteins used in them. Zoo med has reformulated from what I know and has a semi-decent formula now. I wouldn't know as all my babies get home made food XD


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Thanks for the reply.
I was worried about protein content.
Here’s a pic,btw not to get off topic but you give your geckos homemade?if so any recommendation for mournings?
The items you can not see are potassium chloride,salt,L alanine,L glutamine,L tyrosine and lecithin.I have mourning geckos that don’t really eat and it molds fast just did not want to waste it


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Hmmmm the fact it has insect protein in it so high up is what worries me and it's protein content is sitting right at the edge of too much. You could probably give it to your insects in small amounts and spaced out a couple days through out the week. They eat other insects in the colony when they die it's just mitigating too much protein.

I do make my own, do mournings eat like day geckos? Or caledonians?

Edit: Haven't ever looked a lot into mourning gecko care XD


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I was worried about the protein as I posted the picture I noticed that it come from bsfl,I think i may just throw it to my compost.I don’t think mournings eat the same as day geckos I’m not sure but I think day geckos and Caledonian will eat solid fruit,these girls only like the watery food I guess they drink honey and nectar in the wild.What do you use if you don’t mind sharing?


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This is my mix. Blend it usually weekly and freeze in an icecube tray and pre portion it out. But i have 7 adult geckos and currently 6 babies.

1 cup of dehydrated insects
-1/4 mealworms
-1/2 crickets or grasshoppers
-1/4 calci worms/phoenix worms/bsfl

1/2 cup veggies
- squash, zuchinni, sweet potatos, greens etc.

1 cup fruit
-raspberries, blueberries, figs (favorite), papaya (favorite), mangos (favorite), strawberries, apples, bananas (favorite) etc. No pineapple or citrus

1/4 cup bee pollen

2 tablespoons local unpasteurized honey

1 teaspoon spirulina

And then i add moringa leaf powder and turmeric but thats not necessary a teaspoon of each

Necessity:::::1 tablespoon of repashy calcium plus and a teaspoon of plain calcium

Add just enough water to get it to blend to a smooth consistency and then freeze. Stick to the ratios and you can adjust to the amount you need for a week or whatever you want. It keeps in the freezer forever. To encourage your girl to try it (they dont adjust to changes in food quickly) sprinkle some of her powdered form of her current food on top or just drip a drop of honey ontop of a dollop of the food for the night.
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