Fussy dubia - is that possible?!


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Hi guys!

I have a batch of 12 dubia’s I’ve been trying to gut load and they won’t eat anything I throw at them - which is quite offensive given they seem to eat everything in if they invade an apartment!

Ive tried sweet potato, orange, carrots, dandelion leaves, mustard greens and Arcadia insect fuel. It all gets ignored then goes mouldy.

The dubia are in a dark corner in a plastic container (with air holes) and egg boxes.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you :)


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Ill be honest, mine wouldnt eat any of those things other than orange/carrot.

Bug burger works. and mine will eat left over people salad other than bell peppers/tomatoes. They will eat "most things" if you grind it up. Alot of people just put stuff in a blender and make ice cubes, and just put in a cube every other day if you have only 12. a cube will feed a 100 easy. And they do really like fruit, i pick up the factory seconds at the local place for stuff thats only good enough for smoothies. They LOVE the tops of the strawberries for example.


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My discoids and bin of extra isopods/springtails can be fussy. They all seem to hate purple cabbage, kale and not so thrilled about collards. While they eat other greens like watercress, dandelion & arugula, they don’t seem overly enthusiastic about it. Everything else they seem to like. Bug burger is probably their favorite and if I add bee pollen to it, they devour it quickly.
Just have to ask how you keep your roaches. Do they have some hiding places like pieces of egg carton or TP rolls? Is there temp at least in the 80’s? Are they exposed to light all the time? They are shy little creatures. Try keeping them somewhere dark and warm. Give them only a small amount of food and see how they do.

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🤷‍♂️ I keep my dubias in pretty much the same conditions—relative darkness at room temp. They have no problem devouring most things I toss in there... especially carrots!

Unless you're in the tropics, they shouldn't be invading your apartment! :eek:
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