Furcifer pardalis body color and selective breeding

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Any veteran breeder thats true and honest knows what I’m saying…….natural variation occurs no matter what
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What I say is 100% true……these animals same as humans…..are not exact replicas of mom & dad without inbreeding……………….as far as my breeding goes, I trade stock with everybody who breeds in the sac. And bay area…..I also have at least 1 clutch per year that is f-1……now that is established…….I imagine I will be kicked off this website platform for telling the truth……..also since I don’t encourage and promote this wbsites breeders…..
You really need to read what I wrote - you are arguing with yourself at this point. I never claimed to be able to reproduce the sire or eliminate the natural variation we see in Furcifer pardalis. In fact, the first article explains where the variation comes from (polygenic inheritance) and the second article discusses what that means if you have breeding goals such as yellow body or red body.

I also do not inbreed, nor do I linebreed. I am the only breeder in the world who publishes literally everything I know about my animals in pages like this: https://ipardalis.com/blog/2022/03/01/papamavo/. I share a full lineage chart back 5 gens and a written report with details about who produced each of the animals and links to every breeder upstream from me.
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