Furcifer errucosus Question


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Does anyone know anythong about this breed ???

I have a female laying eggs and disturbed her
What is going to happen now ????

Please Help
I was looking in the cage and did not see her...

I lifted a big rock out of the tank and she was burried under the
rock and looked dead...

Soooo I picked her up to see if she was aliv and wa la , I live
mom and a bunch of eggs...
You really did interrupt her then! Did you put her right back in the hole?

I hope she laid all the eggs or will go back and finish. It might be worth digging a tunnel right away and putting her back in it and hoping that she finishes laying them if she has any left. I wouldn't disturb her too much though.

In a few days it might also be worth taking her to the vets to have an xray done to see if she has retained any eggs.

Are the eggs fertile?

Also, for the future...make sure that any rocks you use are sitting on the floor of the container/cage so that the chameleon can't dig under one and have it sink down on top of her....if it wasn't already on the floor.
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