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Hello all, been a bit since I've been to the forums, hope everyone and their little ones are doing well.

Looking for a suitable species of tree that loves full sun. Been battling a bit with my ficus' , some of them were taking strain (losing leaves, black spot etc.) and I couldn't figure out what it was until I went away for 3 weeks. They had to stay indoors the entire time (i.e. only glass filtered, no-direct sunlight) and I came back to find them all flourishing.

So its become apparent that they are not handling all the sunlight and I'm going to have to find a substitute.

Could someone recommend a chameleon friendly tree that would thrive in 7 or so hours of sunlight?
If you want a tree that loves full sun and is beautiful, go for a hibiscus tree if you can find out. They do amazingly well in full sun and are chameleon friendly.
i second the hibiscus plant. a plant that thrives in direct sunlights, and is 100% safe no matter how much of the quantity the chameleon eats. flowers and leaves of hibiscus are great gutload items aswell.
I agree! I have a hibiscus and my cham loves it as much as i do! :) Mine is always in the cage (indoors) and is thriving.. i believe my UV light is strong enough to keep it going :D I believe you can buy them at Lowes, i got mine at a local nursery.
I personally think the BEST part about the hibiscus is when you find ones that are really gorgeous color combinations. I love when you find the peach colored ones that have red or a deep deep maroon in the middle. Or the Yellow and orange ones!
Thanks, sounds good. Sure it will also attract more wild insects for my little ones.
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