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i tried feeding flightless fruit flies today with some crickets in the same bow/dish... and they flies didnt but they got out of it...well more like 3 out of 15 of them. my guestion is is there any other way or better way to feed flies to my cham since i feed on a container??
I feed hydei to my veileds. They love them.... I just put the fruitflies on the plants and let the chams find them like how it would be out in nature. Did you dust the fruitflies? Its harder for fruitflies to climb with calcium on them. What kind of fruitflies are you feeding them hydei or melanogaster?
I think fruit flies are a lot of trouble for a 5 month old who should be eating bigger food anyway. My 5 month old veiled wouldn't even bother if I offered them, which I don't. Fruitflies are good food for babies and pygmies.

I agree, Fruitflies are too small for a 5 month old veiled. If your looking to switch his diet up a little try phoenix worms or mealworms.
well i do feed him crickets and he loves them but someone gave me the fruit flies and i didnt want them to go to wast so i feed it to him ... and he liked them but yea they are alot of trouble... so ill stick to crickets and yea ill add other stuff to it
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