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The Wild One

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What are some fruits that your chams go crazy for? I would like to try and hand feed without the food biting me or running away. I tried using a tiny dab of peanut butter but it was too messy.


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I've been crushing the heads of anything that might bite and otherwise firmly pinching feeders between my fingers to offer. Been working fine for my ladies!


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I would fly berries with string, chameleon fishing...

I have seen very few that would "shoot" for berries. Most will just walk up and munch, and most will not walk up to the hand.

You are better off just clipping bunches or leaves to the side of the cage and let nature take its course.


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Blueberry,grapes,cucumber,apple, I feed by hand but dandelion and assorted greens can be clipped to where they can be reached when passing by. Hand feeding bsfl works well for me also.
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