Fritz's first week.


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Today we have had little Fritz a week :) He is a little less scared now. I offer him a cricket from my hand every morning and he watches it/me like he's thinking 'Ya, OK. I see it now let it go so I can eat it.' He will let me pet his tail for a quick bit before he runs away, but for the last 2 days he uses my finger to step up with one of his back feet when he goes to get away. Oh how I love those little feet. He seems to show off his climbing ability when we, the humans eat dinner. I have been sitting alone with him for 10 15 minutes a day with his door open, and he is very curious about that but I am afraid to let him actually climb out until he will allow me to hold him because if he doesn't go back in on his own I don't want traumatize him by picking him up before he is ready. Today the Dog realized there was something in the cage other than the plants. He was staring up at Fritz, and Fritz was staring at him. I distracted the dog away. But all in all the little blue man Fritz is settling in well:) Attached is a picture took about an hour ago.


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