Freerange time vs UVB time?


So I just got 'sop's freerange set up, and I can already tell he would like to spend his whole life on it, and that would be great, except that the uvb light is on his cage, which is also the only place in the room where the humidity stays at proper levels. Ideally I would get a giant fixture and hang it over the range, but I'm just not set up to do something like that right now. What do you guys think is a balanced ratio of freerange:UVB time?
Does he get any outside time at all? If not I'd wouldn't do more than 50% of his time away from his lights. He is going to love to FR so much he's not going to want to go back in a cage. You'd better start working on lights and water for his FR. ;)
Yeah it seems like a slippery slope haha. How do you deal with poo with yours?. But yeah he does go outside when the weather isn't too hot for a good hour or so at least. But still, I want him to understand that the freerange is a treat, not the norm. (at least for now ;)).
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