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Free Silkworms from Mulberry Farms

Might be a good way to try out silkworms if you have not already. Check out their promotion for more info. Shipping is not free.

Thanks for linking to this ad...pretty tempting (not sure if I have the patience for silkies right now lol). My only experience with silkworms has been with Mulberry Farms. I don't know if it is common with all their orders but I remember I ordered 250 worms + some eggs from them last Christmas time...There was a problem with the post office not notifying me that they had actually arrived (probably should have called the post office earlier but assumed things were slowed down due to the holidays and the tracking info showed they had not been "delivered" yet). Anyway, they ended up staying over the weekend at the post office and many of the worms had fact about 200 dead worms...but there were still over 250 live worms of various sizes and so I guess they provide a very high "overcount" (I probably would not expect such an overcount for these smaller cups/this promotional offer)

They used to have a minimum order amount also (maybe 15-20 dollars)...but can't find that on their site now. For anyone new to silkworms who is interested in this ad you will most likely need to buy additional silkworm chow (depends on the size they send and how large a cham you will be feeding though)
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