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Hi all, im a new chameleon owner, and lovin every minute of it. My cage is in a small enclosed foyer with one window that seems to fascinate my little buddy, i keep telling him he wouldnt last a second out there on his own but he wont listen to me :D. ive built a free range area around his cage in the foyer where he can get up a little higher and cruise around but still he has to get toward the window which lets in alot of natural light. the area outside the window isnt overly busy but its not completely calm either, it is however reasonably quiet. does this window cause him too much confusion or are windows beneficial? Also the odd house fly has gotten into the room which he goes absolutely bonkers for. he's eaten a few, and im concerned also that when i do take him outside he's eaten a few of the locals. How big a threat is this? Thanks in advance


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I catch house flies every chance I get. Then I throw in one or two a day to keep my cham busy as a snack. You can buy house flies online, but I just catch them at home. Try to catch a few and gut load them the night before. It is great exercise for your cham. Mine spends 15 to 20 minutes chasing after them.
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