Free range questions.


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Try to keep the free range up off the floor so he can't get down, but make sure if he does decide to make an escape that he can't hurt himself. I usually put paper towels down for poop.


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If you go to the "Free Range" section of the forums and look back at those threads, you will find a ton of great ideas!

My FR goes up to the ceiling and my panther spent much of the first 1 1/2 years exploring the entire downstairs. He had no problem walking around on the floor. Just be careful of other pets, kids, and always watch your step. I made sure to "chameleon-proof" everything!


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As long as you don't have any windows open you should be fine :) If you are using a large room for a 24/7 free range get ready to play some "where's waldo" :p haha
You can try to make it so that he cant get to the floor but once he gets comfortable with the free range I'm sure he'll try. Just be creative and get some ideas from the Free range section. Or go around to plant nurseries in your area and look for the perfect plant/plants to build your FR around. But for poop, my cham always does it in different areas but usually I only put him on his FR after he poops so I dont have to worry about that.
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