free range coil bulb


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so I am moving and the house I am moving to has an open bedroom that I can make into a free range! It has a big window that faces east and I was wondering if I was able to use a reptisun 10.0 coil bulb i just bought. I heard that the old coil bulbs had problems but they fixed them so I was wondering since it is a free range if it wold work better cause he can get away from it if it gets to intense?


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I don't use coil bulbs so I don't know allot about them except for in the past some coils have caused eye problems in chameleons leading to blindness. I like the Mega Ray bulb for an all in one light. The regular 5.0 tube bulb also works just fine. The 10.0 would be too much of an over kill IMO.
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