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How old are your chams before you put them into a free range? Do you keep them in a screened cage untill they are a little bigger? like 6 -10 months? I am brain storming for a new environment I could set up this spring or summer. Still have not decided if i am getting a sub adult or starting young like i did before.
Free ranging is best to begin around the five to sixth month mark. Before converting them over to FR completely you need to slowly introduce them over to it over a course of a few months. You can start by opening the cage door and connecting a vine out from the cage to a pothos plants on a stand or hanging from the ceiling near by. This will allow them to crawl out and explore but still offers them security if they want to run back in their familiar cage territory.


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Thanks for the replys. I think i'll keep him in a normal screen cage till he is 6 or 7 months and offer him the option of moving.


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I started freeranging one of my youngest panthers at 3-4 months old and he's done great.

If your set-up is set up so your little one can't run off and get hurt if he does wander, then there's no reason they can't live perfectly well in a free range. Since in a free range you cup/hand feed anyway, there aren't the same worries there are about eating enough as when putting a small chameleon in a very big cage.

But there's no harm in waiting until he's older to make the switch, so use the time to have fun researching and designing a free range! I think half the fun is designing and building it, personally. There's no one way to do it.


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I personally think that you should wait until the animal is somewhat large, healthy, good at finding food, and doesn't wander. Age doesn't particularly mean anything with chameleons. :) When you think the animal can handle it on it's own is when you can put it in there.


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my panther started at 2 months..seems too thrive in it..never tried to roam..feeds while beeing held, and drinks..
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