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My female oustalet was digging in her large laying bin before I went to work Thurs. When I came home, eggs were all over the floor of the cage!
I put them in vermiculite, as they all looked good. She layed more overnight (on the floor), for a total of 34 eggs. I cannot palpate her to see if she has any left, as she fills with air and I don't want to hurt her. She is eating and drinking though.
The eggs look wet, and in my experience this means they will probably not be good. She was put with the male 4 weeks ago, but I did not see copulation, just gravid colors after a few days.
I have had the pair for about a year now and she has never laid eggs with me. The question is do they lay only once per year? or does it depend on sub-species? I do not know what sub-species they are.
Hopefully, I am wrong about the eggs and will get some that are fertile.

The retained clutch from my panther from 2 weeks ago went bad, so I guess she didn't have enough sperm left from her previous mating.
She will lay eggs at least twice a year for you...Don't pitch eggs just yet. Give them a week or so! With the females that I have had in the past it has always seemed that the first clutch that they layed goes bad, then the others there after are good!!!
OK, Thank you. I will keep the eggs. Should I try to put her with the male again? She is still showing gravid colors, but is deflated. The male is very mellow.
Give her a break...breeding and egg production is a big deal, you don't want to burn her out!!! Wait "at least" two or three weeks!! After that time if her weight and eating habits are good, try again.
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