food fight - lol

little leaf

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I just had to post this pic- lol ( a little back story..I have been letting lose 100's of baby mantis, as well as feeding some off) I let these 2 out to "run to freedom" before I turn the baby Jacksons lose in the outside cage to eat breakfast - these 2 decide to face off and fight - lol just thought the pic was neat and you might enjoy


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Anyway you could ship some to me? :cool:

there are only a few left - :( a few weeks ago I sure could have- most are gone now- the 'big hatch" was 2 weeks ago - It would not be worth it $ wise in shipping - and I would have just given them to you to help out your little sick guy - keep us posted on how he is doing, I know you will take the very best of care of him :)
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