First Time laying eggs?


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My female panther is 8 months old and has been acting odd lately : always wanting out, digging in my carpet and not eating. After reading lots on the forums I believe she was needing to lay eggs, so I have set up a Tupperware tub 12 X 12 x 8 with organic potting soil and play sand for her to lay her eggs.

She has already started to dig(which is a good sign) but my question is

We have moistened the soil but Do we need to keep spraying it to keep it moist or should it be fine

Generally the soil should be fine for a few months and with normal day to day misting should keep it moist enough. Just leave her be now and hopefully she will lay some eggs.
Thank you for your reply.

She did lay eggs and now she has left the sand and is on the plant. Is she done or should I leave her for a couple of days?

We had to move her to another tank with a lay box to lay the eggs.
She should be done now. Make sure she gets plenty of water and food over the next few days with calcium.
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