First parsonii of the year

Motherlode Chameleon

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Congratulations Garrett! Great summer climate in Washington perfect for your Parsonii. Should turn out to be a great summer especially if you have a good hatch rate.

Best Regards
Jeremy A. Rich


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Oh my God, so adorable and so small, bless!
Fantastic collection of photos, a good way to start the morning! Lovely, thanks:)


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Damn!!:eek: 652gm!!! What's he eating now rats?:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:LOL..,
Well since you asked.

He eats every other day. Usually two large orange head roaches. Once every other week he gets a well fed small mouse.

Insects are gut loaded with fruits or brewer's yeast (for the B1 these giants need) while dusted with either Repashy calcium/medium D3 (most of the time) or Herptivite (a few times a month). I do mix in bee pollen with the Repashy.

Seems a weird supplementation schedule to some I know, but then I'm weird keeper. I monitor my critters daily. I use common sense in keeping them. For the most part over the decades this line of thought has worked.

I just wish I could build a greenhouse on the side of my house like Garrett and keep a row of Parson cages!!! Damn that would be sweet (and much easier on maintenance).
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