First Egg Laying Issues


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OK so things changed a bit. I woke up this morning and her little face was once again sticking out of the hole. She had some dirt on her face and I didn’t see her moving. I actually started tearing up fearing she was dead. Then I used my flashlight and saw some eye movement. How long should it take her to push out her eggs? Overnight seems pretty long. I could take her to a vet to have the eggs removed if she’s having trouble. I thought she would push them out and return to the safety of the plants.
No, some will spend the night in the hole. Once she comes out and goes back up into the branches your going to mist the enclosure really well. Add a dripper if you do not have one so she has access to water. and offer her food.


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We have 1 skinny Minnie, 38 infertile eggs, and a cage that needs some cleaning. It looks like she recognized and felt comfortable with the tall mound of dirt and sand.


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I have been giving her 3 large crickets every other day so I will dial it down to 2 mediums every other day. I don’t plan on breeding her, ever. She ate one large dusted cricket after laying and refused the second. Her belly probably hurts so I’ll evaluate what she needs right now to get her strength back, based on her behavior. Thanks everyone!
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