firing up - is it bad for them ?

Yes...Just make sure you marinade the meat in garlic and lemon juice before you fire up a grill. Otherwise the steak might come out all chewy and dry...Mmmmm grilled veiled steak....

If you mean fired up as in all puffed and showing its brightest colours, that's another thing altogether. It really depends, sometimes its a stressful situation that gets them puffed up, sometimes they do it out of the blue. I think every so often its okay to get them going. Just don't do it every day, all day. I do it every month or so, just to keep em on their toes and to appreciate their beauty. I show them another male, and they begin their strut. I have tried mirrors and pictures but its just easier to bring out another male.
i guess i need another cham other male is a kinyongia boehmei and could potentially be a snack for a full sized least that will be my excuse to hubby to get another one.lmao
"Firing up" is a stress response. Not all stress is bad. No stress means there's no stimulation in their life at all. Too much stress isn't good either. It is natural for any territorial animal to react to intruders even in a mild way. Also, firing up is a response to normal living such as the presence of prey, being more active, etc. A little excitement isn't all bad.
If they do it out of the blue every now and then i dont really see a problem with it but if something is causing it to happen continuously every day then that problem needs to be adressed.
I think he did it mostly because he got startled , he is not used to seeing another cham on the couch, and when my daughter sat down, he started towards her, then saw Max - today he is already only 1/2 ( not even 1/2, maybe like 1/4 th :p ) as worked up- but we are not sticking them together - I hope they can f/r like they did before together- there were never issues, they were never left alone either- and wont ever be, but it would be nice again to let them out like we used to - they would just pass each other w/o a care in the world - but if we must, then separate free time it is ~ Thanks for the info everyone :)
My frilled lizard will frill at the drop of a hat. Water dropper, frill, glug glug glug like nothing happend.
OHHHHH- I love those guys- they are so cool ! lucky butt !! :p I go visit one in BG when ever I get a chance :D

Haha.. I just tranfered to toledo from bg. I left my veild and panther at the herp lab though.. I donated them there about 1/2 way into first semester last year because my mom couldn't keep them when I left
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