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He is five months old, can I expect alot more color from him within the next year? Hes kinda pale, the ones I see on the internet seem to have more solid colors.


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He's got great color for a 5 month old, you'll see the colors and saturation increase dramatically over the next 6 months or so, don't worry!
Thanks for all the nice comments, so I am guessing he looks healthy? Im still new to this and doing my best. Is it normal for this back leg to be a little bigger like that over his foot?
good question, and yes its fine. the leg area above the feet through debatable evolution has twisted the leg bones. also having to with why they have mismatching toes. each hand has 5 toes but each side of the front feet have different amounts of toes on each side versus the opposite of the rear feet. imagine being a cat trying to climb down a tree, all toes pointing down and nothing to cling to the tre with. the ankles would have to swivel backward allowing the claws to sink into the tree while the cat were decending. chameleons have this swivel action in their rear feet hence why their lower leg bones look so silly. its hard to describe but i can send pictorials. take care of that cham, he is good!
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