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  1. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Any gun owners out there? Specifically calling on pistol owners. What gun do you shoot and why? Model, caliber, etc...

    I'm in the market and have my eyes set on a .44 mag, .40 and 9mm.
  2. Chameleopatrick

    Chameleopatrick New Member

    Glock 23
    Glock 22
    IWI Tavor
    Benelli M2

    I design and sell military firearm components around the world. ITAR approved of course. Multigun competition shooter for 8 years.

    Glock, either you love them or.......
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  3. JimO

    JimO New Member

    I like to shoot 9mm (less expensive) and .45. I reload both as well. But, if I had it to do over again, I'd probably stick primarily with .40 caliber. It's a good middle ground between the others, ammo is widely available, and there are a lot of cool models.

    My absolute favorite pistol to shoot is the Springfield XD. It comes in 9mm and .45 ACP. It is very well made, shoots consistently, and with my short fingers, it's the only handgun with a double-stack 9mm magazine that fits my hand. It's not a compact handgun, but I like the multiple safety features and the mechanical attributes available with a slightly larger handgun.

    I also like to shoot the Smith&Wesson .357 magnum. If I was to buy a .44 mag, I'd probably get their stainless model with a 6-inch barrel. But man, that's a hand cannon! What I like about the .357 is that the ammunition is more powerful than the automatic ammo (9mm, .40, ,45), but you can also shoot the much less powerful .38 ammo. In fact, when I taught my kids to shoot at the range, I loaded .38 rounds with a bit less powder to reduce the kick, which makes it fun to shoot. With fully loaded .357, it kicks like a mule!
  4. JimO

    JimO New Member

    I know what you mean. I've always wanted to like Glocks and I love the way they look, but I just don't like the way they shoot or fit in my hands.
  5. Sticktongue

    Sticktongue Avid Member

    22 250
    50 and 54 cal muzzle loaders,
    12 and 20 gauge shot guns.

    Those are all for my hunting addiction.

    I just got a little Smith and Wesson mp 9mm for carrying.
  6. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Thanks for the comments, guys! The S&W is apparently a Glock "knockoff". It comes in the .40 and 9mm. Both felt really good in my hand.

    It got pretty good reviews from the store and I read some good stuff online.
  7. absolutbill

    absolutbill Avid Member

    I've got my grandfather's Colt Python .357, and it's a dream to shoot. I've also got a Bursa .380 which is pretty nice. Have my concealed carry license, but it's only to not have a waiting period. I've also got a pretty pink case to carry my guns in :D
  8. Video Master

    Video Master New Member

    I have the following:
    Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm - Full Frame
    Smith and Wesson M&P .45 - Full Frame
    Ruger 10/22LR
    Home Assembled AR-15 chambered for .223 and 5.56

    I'm also starting to reload my own ammunition for all but the 22LR
  9. Video Master

    Video Master New Member

    It is not a knockoff at all. Smith and Wesson has been around for much longer than Glock.
  10. Sticktongue

    Sticktongue Avid Member


    I have not had it long. I've only put 12 rounds through it. The trigger pull was incredibly far and i couldn't shoot it very well at all. I am getting the trigger re adjusted right now actually.

    As far as my 22-250, it is a Remington 700 ADL. I LOVE it. Bought it last year for coyote hunting. Its been pretty dependable and accurate.

    Anyone else shoot this gun?
  11. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    We currently have a safe with close to 40 guns. All 3 of us have concealed carry permits. We live in Montana, if you don't own guys they kick you out.
  12. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Lolol!! I grew up with guns. My daddy was a big time hunter, but he never had pistols. Only deer rifles. ;)
  13. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Let me rephrase: I heard that the S&W Sigma line was a Glock knockoff...
  14. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
    Staff Member

    I shoot a 9mm Sig Sauer P226. I've been eyeing the H&K HK45 for a while now, but I also really like shooting .40 and have been considering getting one of them as well. In any event, I always seem to find other things I need to spend money on before adding either. One of these days though.

  15. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    I think my boss is trying to get me to buy his H&K P2000 SK 40 Cal Tactical Custom with Holster.

    No idea what that all means, but it sure sounds impressive... :rolleyes:
  16. Coded

    Coded New Member

    If your going to start collecting you better get yourself something from John Moses Browning...... I have a S&W 1911PD and a Browing Hi Power in .45 and .40 respectively. Also have a S&W .22 pistol and .38 revolver. S&W has great customer service which is why I tend to stick with them. I have other brands of pistols and rifles, but the ones listed are my favs.

    Glock was the first polymer pistol, and everybody followed suit as they seem to be popular, but none are really knockoffs. The S&W M&P line is good. My brother has some and I enjoy shooting them.
  17. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    I don't anticipate collecting guns like I collect chams. ;)

    This is more for home security and getting a firearm before the gubment tells me that I can't. :mad:
  18. JimO

    JimO New Member

    Although I love shooting handguns, and I've been a bird hunter most of my life, my favorite all-time gun is my Marlin 1894 lever-action, chambered in .44 magnum. I have more fun shooting it than any other gun I own.
  19. Coded

    Coded New Member

    For home defense, nothing beats a shotgun.

    rifle = long range defense
    shotgun = close range defense
    handgun = last line of defense(short of a knife or hand to hand combat).

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with wanting a handgun for self defense, but you should consider a shotgun as well. There are many good guns out there. The best thing to do is go to a gun range and rent some to see how they feel and shoot to you personally as we all have different opinions on what we like, and my preference(as well as others) may not be what you like.

    btw - you live in Texas, even if the feds try and ban guns Texas will not abide.....;)
  20. Chameleopatrick

    Chameleopatrick New Member

    After years of competition shooting the best gun is the one you practice with.

    Practice, practice, practice. No substitution. I've seen women who can shoot a pistols so fast and accurately that its like an old western movie.

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