Finishing for Sides of Cage

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I am just about to start to build my VC his new home, and was wandering if I should use plywood for the 1 wall he will have. And if I do, what finishing product would help it hold up to the humidity? Would a laminate work better or a varnish of kinds? I want plywood because I want to be able to drill holes it it for plants to hang. Thanks


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You'll want to use a hardwood (which can get expensive) And you'll have to seal the wood, depending on how you seal it, it will be pricey as well.

I dont think a varnish would hold up to the constant humidity/misting either. Varnish protects from water but its more like water resistant and not completely waterproof.

Here's a thread I thought was a pretty cool idea for an enclosure with minimal waterproofing.


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Flex seal makes a great paint on product for sealing woods and it holds up to humidity and moisture. You do need to let it gas off for at least a week though before putting the cham in it. And you should not use it near the cham due to the fumes.


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Yep, though it isn’t pressure treated with chemicals. It’s a waterproof glue that makes it “marine”, not pressure treated with chemicals.
Great, I was just making sure! All of the marine plywood that I’ve ever seen have all been treated with chemicals.
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