Finally - A Chameleon Owner Once Again

When I was in my teens I was an avid herp owner. I had a large variety of animals before I fell in love with Chameleons. I enjoyed both a pair of Veiled's and a Diego Suarez panther. I had to give it all up when I met my current wife. Space was a definite issue as well as money.

Now we have both a bigger space and better paying jobs. This past weekend there was a local Reptile show and I convinced Julie to come with me. I had been researching reputable breeders for almost a month and was ecstatic when I found out that Screameleons(Their animals are even more impressive in person) would be at the show! After only being at the show for a whole five minutes - we cracked abd purchased a male Ambilobe.

He is about three months old and as cute as cute can possibly be. He is transitioning to his new space very well. Day 1 he was eating and drinking which makes me very confident that he is and will continue to be very healthy. We named him Osiris and will hopefully pair him up with a goddess some time in the future(in separate enclosures of course).

I just wanted to say that much of my research came from this very web site. It is a great community which I am glad to be a part of. Much thanks are due to the regulars who post here and are willing to share their expertise.

Cheers to Chameleons Owners Everywhere!!!
*cry* your making me want to live alone dont say such things! lol just kiding.

Post pics of him and his setup i own a 5 month old veiled. stuey
acually thats him in my avatar
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I also purchased a 3mo old ambilobe from Screameleons at a reptile show in late October. He is a healty strong boy and I couldn't be happier. This past weekend he shed for the second time and is starting to get some green coloration.

Congrats on your new baby!
The White Plains show was good this time around. There was a nice diversity of cham species there and its always fun to talk to all the cham keepers who go to it as well. Good luck with your new cham!

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