Finally 10 1/2 mo. later


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So back in July I got 2 eggs given to me for babysitting my friends chams while they was on since then I have been a nervous wreck concerning my eggs.All of my chams are males because I'm afraid of females with the whole egg laying process,so this has been a learning experience for me.I've waited and continually check on the egss & try not to panic while doing so.
Long story short one has FINALLY hatched and now I'm super excited,I feel as if I'm a new mother all over again
He(yes I hope it's a he)is half ambanja & half tamative
Don't have a fancy camera just an iphone4
not the best shots cause I didn't want to disturb him.Will try to get better shots later


It's super exciting,especially for me since I know I'll never have females to have eggs.I was like a kid in a candy store,calling every one saying omg one of my eggs finally hatched.I'm sure they thought I was NUTS!!!!
It's hard to tell cause the first one that hatched didn't sweat so this ones not sweating at the moment,but I'm keeping constant watch.And since it took the first one forever who's to say with the second one
Congrats Dolores on the little one! You will have so much fun with babies and with only two you will have them spoiled rotten. :)
Thanks Jann,
I feel as if I'm a new mother hen stressing over her baby.I find myself constantly walking by looking in to make sure he's ok.But not to the point of stressing him out.So far he seems to be doing great..
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