Ficus trees from Lowes


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Does anyone know if Lowes uses any kind of fertilizer or pesticides on their trees they sell. I want to get a ficus tree for my new set up but am worried they may be treated with something. I love my Lowes but am not sure I would get a true answer from some of the associates that work the outside area. I think they would just give me an answer to end the conversation. :rolleyes:
I have 3 ficus from Lowes. All have been washed and sitting (nursed) for the last 2 months. Just wash and let it air for a few days.
Regardless of what they may or may not use, you will still need to rinse/wash the leaves of the plant as well as probably replace the soil with all the fertilizers with organize soil. They probably need a good repotting anyhow.

So, get it, just clean it off. ;)
All places use pesticides unless its an organic greenhouse or grower. I run into this problem when I shop for my dart frogs. All you have to do is wash the roots and replant in an organic soil. I normally wash the leaves just in case. I'm new to the Cham world but I don't see why it would be much different plant wise fr the dart world.

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