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hey all
gettin a chameleon at weekend
there was just few questions was wondering
whats best way to tame them?
also is it true they should be taken out side on sunny mornings?
i hav read u are mean to so thought id ask
im really hopin il get to told it at times so want to know best way to tame them
thanks alot
chameleons are not tamable animals.
it is possible for them to get used to your presence, but you will never find a tamed chameleon that will do what its told :p
do not expect the cham to take a liking to you right away.
you must be very patient and earn its respect. only then will it MAYBE not mind your presence or even come to the front of the cage when you are near.
congrats on the new cham and good luck!
yea i didnt mean tame as if it will do what its told thats just obv it ainght a dog i just ment let me hold it and stuff,
and i know its gona take lil while for it to let me hold it if it does it all but im askin whats best way to get it used to u?
also is it tru about taking it outside?
you can take it outside, just make sure it is around 75F and try and keep him in the sun. but make sure he has shade that he can get to if it gets too hot for him. and always make sure you are there when he is outside, just in case anything happens. i had Apollo out the other day and a large wasp decided it wanted to land on him. luckily i was around and acted quickly before anything happened.

im not completely sure on how to get him to trust you. but make sure when he first moves in that you do not handle him for the first few days to a week. this will give him time to get comfortable in his new habitat.
what i am doing it feeding him crickets in a home made feeder from here:

and hand feeding him is more favorable foods such as super worms and silkies.
in doing this i am hoping that he will realize i am not a threat and when im around i bring the good stuff :D
ok then yea will def always be outside wiv him,
dont worry i was gona leave hims for awhile to get used to stuff
yea i heard hand feeding can get them used t u so was gona feed my som worms and stuff by hand
giv him crckets 1st few days so i dont hav to stress him out had feeding then like u said just start hand feeding and stuff so he will see im no threat well hopfully he will anyway
thnak anyway
Chameleons never like to be touched or even looked at. They want to be left alone 24/7. Sure you can try and handle them but it will stress them out and we all know stress can lead to illness and short life spans so bottom line is if you really care about your chameleon you will leave it alone. If you want a lizard that likes to be handled then a bearded dragon is what you want, not a chameleon.
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