Female veileds


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maybe a dumb question but im wondering if anyones ever had a female not lay egg's? Is it unheard of that a female veiled never lay eggs?


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If you mean infertile eggs then yes I've had a female that never layed a clutch of infertile eggs. She layed 2 clutches of fertile eggs for me tho


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well my i was thinking more like never laying eggs. I mean never had a lay bin or not enough calcium. is it possible they wouldnt lay?


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My female (when I had her) went almost 10 months and hasn't laid.

After she laid her fertile clutch she laid two more infertiles then hasn't laid since.


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I have had veileds not produce even infertile eggs but it's not because they have no place to lay them.
Not providing a lay bin will not stop her from producing eggs but it will likely results in her dying eggbound.
IMHO lack of calcium is not a way to stop eggs from being produced either. It could prevent her from laying them and it would likely lead to MBD and could even lead to her laying unshelled eggs and end up dying from them causing an infection.

Appropriate husbandry seems to be able to prevent them from producing eggs or at least decrease the clutch size.
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