Female veiled?


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So I was wondering if a female veiled can still have eggs if never introduced to a male? I am sure they would be infertile but I did read they can but just wanted to check to see.

If they can what is the usual age they would expect a first batch?
What is there behavior like?

Mine is only about 2 months had her since 5 weeks so just wanted to find out some more on this topic
yes, they can lay eggs without ever being mated. I have read on here chameleons laying eggs as early as 6 months. Some of the signs are color changes, they get dark and spotted, they will look bloated or fat obviously because they are carry eggs, they may eat less or stop eating and start wandering up and down the cage.
ok thanks I am going to upload a few pics see if you can notice anything not normal lol

She had her first wax worms on sunday and i have noticed she hasn't pooped yet so any think to do to help that?

she doesn't like when I mist scurries away

she is on baytril well finishing up her last couple days

thanks carol been a big help
I was going to suggest a warm misting but you said she runs from it! Mine will like poop instantly sometimes when I mist him! Two days is nothing to worry about. Are you sure there isn't some hidden poop in the cage? I was freaking myself ontime about not pooping and I did a more detailed check and there it was dried on the side of a branch! lol!
Ya as soon as i mentioned it she poops lol I think she just needed to poop she seems a lil more lively now. lol

do you give you chameleons showers?

thank you she is full of energy and personality, I got her from a reptile expo here in San Antonio on the 6th of November and the breeder had a cage full of veiled's and she was the one moving around and he said in the cage i bought from ages were between 4-6 weeks. first chameleon and it has been fun a looking forward to her growing up...

thanks for all the help
I did once to try and get him to poop and then found out that he had pooped after all(the branch story)lol.He did not seem too keen on it! alot of people do, but many do this due to health issues such as constipation or dehydration. Some chameleons might not like it and why stress them out if it need not be? I know there are some people that do it and their chams enjoy it. Living in florida I really never have too much of a humidity issue so I never have felt the need to put my chameleon in the shower for humidity purposes.
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