Female veiled?


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I've read around here about sexing chams and I know about the spur on the back of the foot, I don't see one here but I just want to be sure from some of the veteran Cham owners. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372627149.281071.jpg
Ok, when do we need to put an egg laying bin in her cage? I've never had a female before and new to the care of females.
Those were very helpful thank you, but should we only use topsoil or could we use sand or something else for the bin?
I use a mix of both, with usually more soil, but other people use pure sand, or no sand at all, etc. So you have quite a bit of freedom, as long as the material, when moist, can hold up a tunnel.

I recommend making a few holes at the bottom with maybe some screen hotglued on so that any excess water can drain out if you mist a lot. Otherwise you don't notice but there are 2" of water at the bottom of the bin after several weeks. A few tiny holes drilled into the container solve that problem.
I've used that before with my veiled female, who liked it, but my panther female never took to Ecoearth very well. Just see how she reacts to it. But I love what you did with the fake floor! Clever.
Thank you for all the help, the floor is a temporary cardboard one just until I can get over to my parents house to cut out the acrylic floor!
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