Female Veiled Sick?

It would be better tomstart your own thread....makes it easier to keep things straight.

You said..."She laid around 30 eggs before I even knew she was gravid and did so without the lay bin (about 2 weeks ago)"...did he drop them look over the cage or what?

You said..."Because she kept scratching at the bottom of her cage recently (now 2 weeks later), I made her a lay bin (the photo has green child's play sand, so please note that isn't some condition.) After 2 full days, she didn't lay any eggs and was just kind of sitting / moving around in the sand, so I took it out to see what she would do"...the bin needs to be in the cage all the time somtheynhave a place to dig to lay the eggs.

You said..."How long does this process take?"...the female should dig a hole...she may dig more than one, but should settle on one and dig it until she's happy with it. It can be quick or take a couple of days. She should turn around butt down in the hole, often in the evening and lay all the eggs, one free the other. She should then fill the hole in, tamp it down and return to the branches...hungry and thin and thirsty.

You said..."She still isn't really eating and seems more lethargic than normal although she went back up to the top of the cage"... I'm concerned that she could have more eggs left in her. The only way to tell is to get an X-ray.

You said..."Does she look like she is gravid?"...betting she has some eggs left....but not certain.
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