Female Veiled Needs To Lay


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hi my female should be laying any day now, i read that they should have privacy during this time, would it be ok to lay a sheet across her catch to have her feel more comfortable... Thanks
Yes, I have read of some people putting a small blanket or sheet over their cages so that they get more privacy. I would go ahead and do that so that she isn't disturbed by anyone coming into the room or passing by. :)
It is not only ok, it is an excellent thing to do for her. Best of luck on her laying, hope it goes well.
It will be very beneficial for her to have a sheet over her cage, that way she won't be distracted and stressed out when people pass her cage or are in the same room.
What i do is get some colorful wrapping paper or wallpaper, cut it out to fit the sides of you cage, then tape it on. It will give her a more secure feeling instead of a white sheet to look at and you can easily open the cage if needed. I use camo colors mostly, but one of my females liked nascar so i got her some jimmie johnson wrapping paper to look at while laying.:D This also makes great dividers between cages.
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