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So i have a female veiled under a year old, about 9 months. She is 11 inches long and is doing great. The catch is i do not like the enclosure i have, it is glass which does not seem to bother her at all, she is warm, she has cover, but i really do not feel it is big enough. I want to look into buying a screen cage but do not know where to get one, or which website to trust. Help, fellow chameleon lovers?
i was reading some reviews and i hear DIY is cheaper and better quality. i will probably end up going with them. thank you though, and any more input from anybody would be helpful :) thanks
Depends on what type of cage you want - aluminum screen vs. reptarium. If you're looking for a reptarium, LLL and Josh'sfrogs have the best prices. LLL is cheaper on all sizes except the 100gal, Josh's beats them by $20. I've never tried DIY, but the prices are decent.

Since you're just buying one cage, I'd go with aluminum screen over reptarium, just to avoid the zipper. It's not too expensive when you just need one... but if price is an issue at all then reptariums aren't bad.
i have not introduced a laying bin, but when i took her to the vet this past week they did x-rays to see post ovarian eggs. there were no eggs. since then i have been keeping close track of her weight
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