Female Veiled and Male Ambilobe

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These are the last two kiddos looking for good homes before we head off to Italy. We will be moving at the end of September, so looking to re-home quickly.

Female Veiled, Ceri, showing some sleepy colors and her gravid colors:
(due to previous prolapse, not recommended for any future breeding; would like her to go to a home with no intent to breed and someone who will regulate temps and intake to reduce number/size of future infertile clutches to prevent future prolapse; surgically corrected after her first clutch and no problems since then; happy to have vet's office forward records)

And Raynor (one "baby" picture and two pictures taken today), Male ambilobe from Kammerflage Kreations, approx 1 yr old now

$35+shipping for Ceri
$375+shipping for Raynor

You can check out other pictures through previous threads from my profile. :)
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