Feeding my chameleon dead crickets?


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Ok, this is a little bit of an interesting situation. So my veiled chameleon eats by hand, and she knows that if it’s in my hand, it’s food, even if it’s not moving. I used to put bugs in the cage for her to catch herself but they keep escaping out of the cage... eew. I’m wondering if it’s ok if I take my gut loaded crickets, drown them, and immediately feed them to my Cham. They will only have been dead for a minute or two and are otherwise perfectly healthy. My chameleon is extremely active and gets plenty of exercise so I have no worries about her becoming inactive due to not hunting. Another thing is I was wondering if she can have the Flukers brand canned silk worms every once and a while. I know that’s a different situation cause those have been dead for a while, but I know my chameleon would love to have some as a treat ever once in a while and we’re unable to get rarer live insects like those around here.


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You don’t want to drown them. You can put them in the fridge or freezer. I assume you just don’t want to hold the crickets. You can also use a deep cup and hold it. This is what I do. Just like a big gulp 32oz cup. They can’t jump out, but the chameleon can get them easily.


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I currently have 21 cages in my house, without the Shooting Gallery feeder, I would be chasing crickets out of my bed and cabinets. I only have loose crickets if I'm uncoordinated enough to drop one now.
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