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Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone will be able to help with my feeding situation. My baby veiled is are currently eating roaming crickets within his terrarium but is completely avoiding his feeding cup with meal worms. I am only offering him two worms but should I hold off on offering the meal worms since he seems so uninterested anyway? Or are there any recommendations on how to get him more interested in his feeding cup?

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To be honest I would avoid the mealworms all together at this point. They aren't very nutritious and if you're looking to increase diversity, I would recommend trying silkworms instead. As far as creating a feeder that might be more appealing to your cham, you can try this design and simply place branches at a reasonable proximity to the sides so he can reach the food items: http://www.chameleonnews.com/year2003/jan2003/hints/hints.html

I think I once read that at this age mealworms weren't a very good option, but don't really trust me on this one, let's better wait for some of the really experienced guys, I'm a new baby veiled owner myself. I haven't used free ranging crickets because I'm afraid they are too little and steve will never find them, How are you managing that? I want him to develop abit his hunting instinct.
Also how are you ,or anyone for that matter dealing with the misting, and the insects, do you take them out when you mist, or do they endure it? some of my crickets have been killed by the water
Sometimes they prefer food that has more motion than what mealworms will do. Once they get big enough try superworms...they move a lot more. Sometimes they will even eat them out of your hand.
I've just allowed a large amount of crickets for roam at one time. I placed small bits of carrots in the "make shift" feeder cup which allows the crickets to eat if they are not eaten and they are seeming to fair the misting without any problems. I noticed that Cyrus seems to be more interested in stalking the crickets to eat them then when they are offered to him while eating in the feeder cup.
I've just allowed a large amount of crickets for roam at one time.

I would be careful doing that unless you are sure they've all been eaten before the lights go out. Chams go into a trans-like state when they sleep and I've heard that crickets can chew on them while they are sleeping causing damage or even death.
When using a feed cup. Can you put your calcium supplement in the cup with your crickets and meal worms or is this not good?
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