Fed Ex delivered something very special today!


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I am like a kid on Christmas Morning!! I have really wanted a pair of these as I love the Jacksonii Species in general, but to find a LTC pair that is settled in, well that is just a great opportunity.

Opening the box and looking inside!

Whats this?? A male Jacksonii 'Mt. Meru"!

Whats over here?? His Girlfriend!

Thanks for looking and I look forward to sharing updates with you all!

Thanks for all the comments all. Again, I am very excited.

On a whim I threw some small Dubia in a feeding cup in each of their cages and thus far the female has eaten 4 and the male three!!!! That certainly makes you feel good!!

Witnessed the male drinking as well. The female remains skittish as may be expected.

Here is the last pic of the male and I will now leave them alone!!

They are both beautiful!!! Best of luck with them, we seem to all want babies! :D

Trust me, I want some babies as well!! It is my understanding that they did copulate about 3 weeks ago, so we will see how she progresses the next couple of months.

I am very pleased as to how well they have settled in already and eating and drinking.
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