favorite: Panther vs Veiled

panther or veiled?

  • Panther Chameleon

    Votes: 800 60.5%
  • Veiled Chameleon

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Hi Kevin,

So sorry to hear that your veiled is sick. Is there an emergency vet in the area that can see him? It sounds very bad.

Hope he pulls through.. he really is the most stunning veiled I have ever seen.


Dave Weldon

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Howdy Kevin,

Post those photos...

If you still have the prolapse issue and haven't already done so, try putting K-Y jelly on any exposed internal tissue to keep it from drying out. Swelling is another problem... This is an emergency but if you are unable to see a vet today then you may have to try to re-insert the organ that is outside in an attempt to save the tissue and your chameleon. It is equally possible to do additional damage while trying to re-insert the tissue... If no office vet is available maybe one will talk you through it on the phone. It may require a slender rod-like object that can be used to push the tissue back inside. If it is the colon, you will be turning it right-side in while it is being pushed in with the rod. It can be tricky but the alternative is that the exposed tissue will become damaged beyond saving and will need to be surgically removed. If you do get the organ returned inside, try wrapping the vent with something to keep it closed (maybe some kind of tape) until you can get to the vet at the next opportunity.

A friend of mine just went through this experience last month. What looked like the panther's colon was inside-out for about an inch. It had been exposed this way for more than 24 hours. A loooong story short, after a phone consultation with a vet, a rod was used to re-insert the organ. The vent was taped shut. Several days later the tape was removed and a day or two after that, some dead tissue was safely passed out of the vent. Amazingly, the panther seems to be doing fine and it's almost been a month since things originally went wrong. He's still not out of the woods yet. Time will tell...


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Nice, ok, AWESOME veiled, I hope he pulls through.

sniperwowsmall.JPGHe is absolutely stunning and I hope his health improves, I'm glad to see you are a devoted keeper and are doing your best. That being said, I still vote panther. Can a veiled display every color of the rainbow (and a few more) at once? That is assuming the discussion is about visual appeal only. I have to admit though, the veil of a mature adult veiled is pretty cool. How about a cham with the colors of a panther, the casque of a veiled, and the horns of a jackson's? Rainbow triceratops.
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:( Hello all .Thanks for the great compliments on my veiled.About a week or 2 after posting the pics everyone enjoyed I noticed a sore on his lip.I immediatly started treating it with Terramycin.On the second day of treatment I opened his mouth and noticed EXTREEM swelling of his tounge and serounding tissue.I immediatly got an emergency appointment with the leading herp and exotic vet in my area(one I have used for many years)We put him on a antibiotic regement of Ceftazidime 20 mg dose. anyway he was doing well although in the last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that his tounge is out of operation due to my visual analsis.Anyway to day I found him with what looked at first as a hemipenal prolapse.I dont believe it is a hemipenal prolapse. maybe a clocoa or intestinal prolapse of some sort as you all know this is a bad timeof the year to get a hold of the vet .Things have went really far down hill.I really dont think he will make it through the night .I wish there was a way to humanly euthenize him.The next closest time to get ahold of the vet will prop be tues I just hate to see him in pain like this I will post some pics of prolapse for all your analsis .Thanks for all the kind words about my cham I take alot of pride in them and he is quite the show stopper.
i hope he's okay

Brian S

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I'm very sorry to hear about your veiled. He is BEAUTIFUL! But as for my favorite, i would have to choose panthers. They are beautiful and are not quite as big and i find a lot of them to be quite friendly. But than again, there's always a couple of mean guys.


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I'm very sorry to hear about your veiled. He is BEAUTIFUL! But as for my favorite, i would have to choose panthers. They are beautiful and are not quite as big and i find a lot of them to be quite friendly. But than again, there's always a couple of mean guys.
i think it's the other way around....panthers tend to grow much bigger than veileds....then again there could be some veileds that out-grow panthers.
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Hello, I am Helen!. And even though this my first post here

Hello, I am Helen!.
And even though this my first post here, I for a long time on this forum www.chameleonforums.com I'm not sure if this should go here or in the GENERAL DISCUSS section,
so if it's in the wrong place, my apologies (and can someone move it please! EXCUSE uneducated girl). I just loved this topic.
Honestly we should start some movement or society. Anyway I'm also one of those people who enjoy to discuss "https://www.chameleonforums.com".
In my opinion it would be a lot better to get some fact into our STUFF. I'll glad read all new information about this topic
Thanks a lot..!!
Helen V. Beden.


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That Is What I Expect To See When They Call Them "sun Bursts"
Do You Have Plans Or Has This Guy Reproduced? Cross Him With A Blue Phase Veiled Female. Nice Looking Animal.


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I'm sorry to hear about your Chameleon chameleon76.:(
I hope it makes a turn around and gets well, he is a beautiful one.

My vote is for Panthers, so many beautiful phases.
I love all reptiles.:D


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I am sorry for the bad news also chameleon76. He is truly a spectacular specimen and I hope he pulls through.

Favorite of the two species polled: Nosey Be blue or Ambanja blue Panther
Most colorful of the two in general: Male Panther due to variations/number of colors on each specimen.
Most unique, criptic, interesting looking, patterns: Large mature male veiled when displaying.
My personal favorite in all categories: color, body shape/appearance, 'wow' factor, and temperament: Parsonii ! :)

Brad Ramsey

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Chameleon76's handsome man Storm has passed away. Awhile back actually.
Heika and I have nephews of Storm that have yet to reach their full color
potential. Kitty is nearing 7 months now.



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Sad to hear, but glad to hear that his lineage live on! That's what its all about, passing on the positive traits for as many generations as possible!


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I am very sorry to hear Chameleon76's about your beautiful Storm boy.:(

I'm sure you kept some of his kids to take it from where he left off.

Brad Ramsey & Heika
Good luck with them babies.


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hello I check this forum everyday but have not posted in a long time.The male from storm is a monster eater and its funny how the traits from storm have past on to him.The female is also doing great I would like to get an unrelated female to breed with storms son.I will post pics of him soon
Again thanks for all the compiments about storm ,He was an impressive veiled


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What an amazing looking yemen chameleon,Best wishes to you hope you dont feel to blue about it,as said you do lose some and learning is key
All the best

I vote Panther Everytime there just IMO a much more tolerent chameleon than the yemens and im not to keen on there agressive nature.
Panthers are a joy to work with,and there are so many colour choices


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what about females? I have a female veiled, and i know that they are more bland, but i would love to see some photos of sexy adult female veilds!
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