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I have a 100 gal reef tank and my fav fish has got to be my Flame Angel. I have a few Picasso Clowns that are cool. Actually I love my inverts more than anything. Fun to watch them :) Going to be sellling it to make room for the chams, priorities........ lol


I enjoy many fish but I really like mandarin fish, they have so much color and I want one soooo bad!


I have a trio of schooling bannerfish in my 200 gallon reef and they are by far the coolest.



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Just shut down my 125 reef and the blue spotted jawfish was always my favorite tons of personality. Dom 1959 not sure how he tasted though lol


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betta splendes crowtails, they are about the same as chamelon, they wan to be alone and no substrac in the bottom, incredible colors and forms


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My favorite fish (if you classify it that way) is and will always be the box jellyfish. Their beautiful but yet the most poisonous marine creature on earth. My other favorite is the lionfish. Their by far my favorite actual fish. Their stunning to look at but poisonous in every way.


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I like the flame fish, the flame angels, and some of the higher end damsels. Althought the platinum clowns are pretty cool too.
I used to have african cichlids I loved them but seince fish cost so much more than herps to maintain I had to tear down there tank I still have some of my cichlids in my reeves turtles tank but only about 7 of em. Before I used to have 60 there an amazing and easy to care for show fish and when you get a whole bunch and they swim around and all there colors combined there sooo pretty.
Favorites are Tomini Tang and Mandarin Goby. Mandarins are def not as hardy but absolutely beautiful. Oh and Anglers are amazing. :D
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