Favorite cham feature?


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What is your guy's favorite feature about the chameleon? Do you like horns, color, abilitiy to change color, size, eyes, tounge, feet, tail, and so on... :D Reply with your personal favorite. Mine has to be the tounge, there ability to shoot it 1 and half times their body length is crazy.:eek: Lets ask rex and see what he thinks... Um The females ;)


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I can't choose between all the amazing features. The prehensile tail, the turret eyes, the mitten hands and their cute little claws, the tongue.. They're all amazing!

I do have to say I like the little cute feets the best :) if i had to choose


I'm tied between the turret eyes and the different coloration. Someone should make this topic into a poll. Althought, there would be so many choices as they are such amazing creatures!


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That's a hard one! I don't know if I could choose between their "cool little alien karate chop hands" (True Facts About the Shawmayleeon) or the curly tail...

I guess I'd have to say their grumpy faces. I absolutely fell in love with my cham the first time I saw his permanently frowny little face :p


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My favorite thing is when the eyes lock onto a prey item, and they get that crossed eyed look for a moment. Dumb I know, but I like it.


The favorite parts about my Jax for me are his horns, and his cool little alien karate chop hands :p.
Edit: I forgot to say how cute they look when they sleep :D.
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