Fall is in the air- and I HATE it !

little leaf

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we are in Ohio, and this has been the oddest month EVER - we had 105 last week, record rain fall, record over night low( 41 in JULY- ? :mad: ) , and today- RECORD LOW for the high today- what is going on with this weather ? today- 63 - my poor chams are so confused- :cool:
I live in southern Ontario and I was thinking the same thing.
We just had the same weather from extream heat warnings to thunderstorm and tornado warning and now its cold and wet here. Its the middle of summer and already it feels like fall. My chameleons are not liking all the ups and downs thats for sure. they look forward to the summer months here because they can hang out outside most of the summer. but the last 4 days they have been couped up in the house :(
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