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uh yea i just gave mango a fog shower in the bathroom because his eye was squinting and after he finished his eye was like bulging out like an alien...idk if this is normal but it does go away after a while...here are some pictures..why does she do this?is it normal?


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I had the same problem with my panther cham, except it was only in one eye. He kept it closed most of the time and was frequently bulging it out, like yours in your pictures. I took him to the vet and they cleaned his eye out and gave me anti-biotics to put in his eyes for 1 week. He was fine for about 3 days then it came back. Turns out he was allergic to the ficus tree I had in his cage. Changed the tree out and he was fine.

If you see discharge I would suggest going to the vet. They bulge their eyes out because that is their way of cleaning their eye, supposedly. So he could have something irritating his eyes and he is trying to get it out. It is normal for them to bulge their eyes out occasionally from what I understand, but having their eyes closed and bulging them all the time is not normal. I would suggest going to the vet in the next day or so if the problem does not cure itself soon.
its gone now. it only happens when i put him in the fog shower in my bathroom so if your saying it could be a alergic reaction to a plant then it might be the plant im putting him on when i give him a shower so ill give him a shower today on a diferent plant and if it happens agen then i dont know, but usually it happens for like 10 minutes then it goes back to normal
That most certainly sounds like the natural thing that they do while cleaning their eyes. It has been my experience that this normally happens while or very soon after they have been showered, misted, fogged, etc..... Unless you see some kind of oozing, puss, etc... I would not worry to much about it. Mine do the same thing all the time.
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